Selling on Amazon


My name is Hartmut Wernisch and I love earning my money with selling digital and physical products online. I sell on platforms like, eBay, Merch by Amazon, Createspace, various other print on demand providers and my own online stores.

I know that selling on platforms like Amazon can be confusing for a lot people. The rules are very strict and changing all the time. Manufacturers and wholesalers often don’t have the time to keep up with these things or to learn the needed knowledge for managing the sales channel, optimize product listings, doing keyword research, handling problems with seller support, register their brand and more!

If you have a great product and don’t know where or how to start, then you may interested into my Amazon Product Partnering Program! In this program we manage your Amazon account and help you with everything to be successful on Amazon and beyond. We do this because we know how difficult it is, to run a completely different business like manufacturing products. I know that a lot companies struggle with all the details for sales channels with very strict, specific and always changing rules!

You can find more information on our Product Partnering Program here!

On this site, I will try to gather some great information for you, which may help you to grow your business and win.

I would really love to hear from your success, too. So don’t hesitate to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or send me an e-Mail!

Thank you and I hope I will hear from you soon!

Hartmut Wernisch