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My name is Hartmut Wernisch and I earn my money with selling online and marketing.

I love to do online businesses because you can work from literally anywhere. You only need a phone, a Laptop and an Internet connection. All you data can stay in the cloud and you can access it anytime with every device.

You can connect with like minded people easily and work together with them. Most of them you will probably never meet, some you will.

Finding the right people and create mastermind groups is not only fun, it makes you move faster than you would alone. The real power comes into play if you start to share!

It’s not only fun, no, it also pays back in the long run. I really love helping people and sharing information, news, How-To’s are a great way.

On this site, I will try to gather some great information for you, which may help you to grow your business and win.

I would really love to hear from your success, too. So don’t hesitate to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter or send me an e-Mail!

Thank you and I hope I will hear from you soon!


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